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Fruit Pizza

There’s nothing quite like the taste of fresh fruit during the summertime. Today we’re featuring a super delicious and easy to make treat. It’s so incredibly easy, and your mouth will be thanking you afterwards.


You’re only going to need a few things. As always, the full list of ingredients and recipe are listed below.

While you could make your own cookie from scratch, I’ve found that pre-made cookie dough for this recipe works just as well.

The best part about this recipe is that you need fresh fruit. Mmmm. SO. STINKIN’. GOOD.

Mix up the fluff and the cream cheese.

Once the cookie has finished cooking, and has fully cooled, spread the topping. Add fruit of your choice. Peaches also taste wonderful on this.

Mmmmmm. Grab a plate and enjoy this simple summertime treat!

Fruit Pizza


  • Sugar cookie dough
  • 1 stick of plain cream cheese
  • 7oz marshmallow fluff
  • Fruit of choice


1. Roll cookie dough into large circle. Place on cooking stone or a cooking tray.

2. Bake cookie until lightly golden brown on top, then remove from oven to cool.

3. Let cookie cool.

4. Mix cream cheese and marshmallow fluff together in large mixing bowl. Mix well.

5. Once cookie has cooled, spread the topping evenly across the cookie.

6. Slice up fruit and add to the cookie.

Serve and enjoy!

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