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Homestyle Chicken Caesar Salad

Today features fresh picked lettuce from the garden, grilled chicken & parmesan cheese. Nothing like a home-grown caesar salad. Salads are appreciated in the family of gusto and everyone enjoys them. This is one of my personal favorites because it’s nutritious, super yummy and fairly quick to make. The exact recipe is listed at the bottom so feel free to try it yourself too!

This recipe doesn’t take much prep at all. I was lucky and had all the ingredients on hand.

You’ll need some greens to make this deliciousness! I used homegrown lettuce from the garden. Yummm!

You’ll also need some grilled chicken. I was lucky and had some that was grilled previously and frozen. All I had to do was warm it up. Grab one or two hardboiled eggs to slice up as well.

Don’t forget the croutons and dressing!

I like to sprinkle parmesan cheese on top to add flavor. A little bit of homegrown parsley also adds a nice bit of zest!

Since I was using homegrown lettuce, I soaked it in water to make sure all evidence of the garden was removed. Then I spun it in the salad spinner to get rid of most the water. After that, rip the lettuce into good size pieces for eating.

Slice the chicken, keeping the pieces fairly small and bite-sized.

This one can go either way – however I find that too much parsley can take away from the flavor of the dish, so I copped it up so that I could sprinkle and mix it into the salad.

Slice up your hardboiled eggs, and now you’re ready to put it all together to make this yummy dish!

Add the chicken. I added it just on top, but it also is great to mix into the salad. Add the hardboiled eggs and sprinkle (or mix) in the parsley. Add the desired amount of croutons and lastly, sprinkle on the parmesan.

Yay! It’s done! Enjoy this fresh, healthy and yummy garden dish!

Home Style Chicken Caesar Salad
(Makes however many servings you choose!)

  • Lettuce (a mix of types works well)
  • Grilled chicken breast
  • 1 or 2 hardboiled eggs (sliced)
  • Caesar croutons
  • Caesar dressing
  • Parsley (desired amount)
  • 3 tablespoons of parmesan cheese

1. Rinse lettuce in water. Dry by spinning or laying out on towel.

2. Rip lettuce into pieces into desired size and put in bowl.

3. Slice up chicken into bite-sized pieces.

4. Slice hardboiled eggs.

5. Chop up parsley.

6. Mix in parsley (if desired), or place on top. Add chicken slices, hardboiled eggs, croutons and sprinkle parmesan cheese on top. Serve with dressing and enjoy!


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